(b. 1992) London, UK. Lives and works between Amsterdam, the Netherlands and London, UK, and holds an MA in Painting from the Royal College of Art.

contact: juliet.aaltonen@gmail.com

Past shows

  • Linger in Silence, Willesden Gallery, London, United Kingdom (September - November 2023)

  • The Path of Excess, Safe-house 1, Peckham, London, United Kingdom (October 2023)

  • Drive Through, Lempa Taverna, Cyprus School of Art (October 2023)

  • Connecting the Future, Josilda da Conceição Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands (July - August 2023)

  • Living Life Along Paths, Eyecandies x Kai Yuan Gallery, Shanghai, China (July - August 2023)

  • Overflow, Galleria Objets, London, United Kingdom (July 2023)

  • Connecting the Future, The Dots Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia (February - May 2023)

  • Moving Through, Safe-house 2, Peckham, London, United Kingdom (March - April 2023)

  • The Headless Way, 29 Marylebone Lane, London (April 2023)

  • Third Floor, Royal College of Art, Woo Building, London, United Kingdom (February 2023)

  • Sensorial Historiography, Laurel Project Space, Amsterdam, Netherlands (September 2021)

  • Summer Work, Bologna.cc, Amsterdam, Netherlands (August 2021)

  • Yes, Again!, Patty Morgan Showroom, Amsterdam, Netherlands (December 2020 - January 2021)

  • Separation, Alignment, Cohesion, Laurel Project Space, Amsterdam, Netherlands (July 2020)

  • Facade Exhibition, Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands (April 2020)

  • Baking Normal, Laurel Project Space, Amsterdam, Netherlands (January 2020)

  • Ornamental Rest, Laurel Project Space (October 2019)

  • Pruning, Laurel Project Space, Amsterdam, Netherlands (July 2019)

  • ADORN Open House, Amsterdam, Netherlands (May 2019)


  • Leverhulme Arts Scholarship 2022 (Royal College of Art)


  • Vladimir Gogoljev, Belgrade, Serbia - Amsterdam, Netherlands (Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Serbia in the Kingdom of the Netherlands)

  • Valentina Salmeri-Bijzet, Amsterdam, Netherlands (Féminin Pluriel, Rijksmuseum Fund)